When I brought Tula home, I had read so much negative literature on the Internet about her breed, I was beside myself.  I was in a panic when I brought my darling little Jack Russell puppy home.  Tula wasn't my first dog, but she was my first terrier ... which comes from the Latin root for earth ... the same root word as terrorist!  Many told me that I had my work cut out for myself.  Members of my family kept telling me 'good luck' on your Jack!  One even advised me to walk away from choosing a 'Jack'.  On our first visit to her veterinarian, I was informed that my dog was 'dominant' and would be a handful.  So, as soon as I could I enrolled us both at Norma's and I haven't looked back.
My worries of owning a mini terrorist slowly melted away.  Both Tula and I look forward to our classes.  I say both of us because it's as much a learning experience for me as it is for the dog.  I jokingly say that Tula is a work in progress, but that's exactly what we both are.  Within the first two years at Norma's, Tula passed the AKC K-9 Good Citizenship test as well as the Bright and Beautiful Pet Therapy Program.  Yes, Tula is a Therapy dog and we owe it all to Norma!
I knew Tula and I had accomplished a great deal, when on a later visit to her veterinarian he looked Tula over, smiled and said, "You've done a great job here.  Congratulations!"  My secret is Norma Overlock and all the great instructors at Norma's Top of the Line Dog Training School.  If you're looking for a great dog school, as well as a great experience to share with your dog ... go no further ... Tula say's this is the school for you both!
Lynn and Tula Feliziani