Norma Overlock, Behaviorist / Master Trainer

Norma and her student, Harry.

Norma J Overlock is a certified dog behaviorist and master trainer working in this field for over 20 years. Norma studied under Louise Auger of Auger’s K-9 Kollege, Inc. and worked along side of her for many years. Norma teaches all levels of obedience with all breeds. She also teaches all levels of Agility. Some fun classes are Tricks and the well liked Square Dancing with the dogs.
By doing complete evaluations and consultations, Norma has helped many dogs, and their owners, to have much happier lives together.
Norma has trained and handled dogs for various theater productions of “The Wizard of Oz” and “Little Orphan Annie”. She is also accomplished with personal protection work and Tracking, with her own and clients dogs.

A graduate of Auger’s K-9 Kollege Professional Dog Trainers Course, Norma then became an instructor helping others to become Professional dog trainers and behaviorists.
Norma is also an Animal Control Officer and worked in that field for many years enhancing her abilities with all types of animals and their behaviors.
Norma has also lectured widely on “Understanding Your Dog” to have a better relationship between dog and human.